MIS Reporting

Management Information System contribute to the effective coordination, control and analysis of information in an organization, thus facilitating decision making process. Effective and efficient management of business organizations require information regarding diverse aspects of business. Management Information System covers the application of human resources, technology and data in achieving business goals and solving business problems.
Financial Management Information System and Accounting Information System has a wide range of benefits as they facilitate information regarding:

Financial Management Information System and Accounting Information System has a wide range of benefits as they facilitate information regarding:

  • Monthly accounts of transactions
  • Cash Flow
  • Sources & uses of funds
  • Monthly Return and Statement Processing
  • Trial Balance & Balance Sheet
  • Payroll Accounting etc.

An efficient MIS should have the following qualities. It should be,

  • Accurate
  • Consistent
  • Complete and,
  • Relevant

OBM has a team of professionals who can effectively assist the business organization with the diverse aspects of MIS. MIS is a technology driven process and our team of professional can give you an edge in the competitive global market.

MIS Reporting & Analysis SE

OBM’s Management Information System (MIS) helps organizations to manage information in an organized method and capture the prospective information for competitive benefit.
The key objective of IT Investments is to enable the accessibility of right Information at the ideal time to assure right decision making and hence improve Business Efficiency for both Cost & Profit. MIS Reports play a very vital role in achieving this goal. OBM can play a fundamental role in enabling automated MIS Reports. Three key steps to follow are,

MIS Reports templates design:

Handled by OBM MIS Consulting panel along with clients top management team.

MIS Reports Implementation:

Handled by OBM consulting CIO with BI tool & ERP Vendor

MIS Reports Automation:

Handled by OBM consulting CIO, along with BI tool vendor & client's IT Team

Transaction Processing System

OBM’s transaction processing solutions are built to respond immediately to companies’ instant changes. Our high-speed Transaction Processing consists of recording financial transactions in automated accounting system including appropriations, apportionment, allocations, revenue agreements, accounts receivable, collections, commitments, obligations, accruals, accounts payable, and disbursements. We offer full daily reconciliation of transactions and refunds by credit card and cheque within authorised limits. Our transaction processing system enables sufficient scalability to meet complex business requirements and tackles the issue of volume spurts and lows.

Information system and Office automation

Our information systems practice is staffed by consultants who have extensive experience not only in strategic planning, internal systems design and computer operations, but also in such specialized areas as system software, teleprocessing and networking, distributed processing, microcomputers and efficiency/effectiveness measurement. Tech/Knowledge offers assistance in the design, selection, and implementation of management information software including financial and manufacturing systems. Our approach utilizes a structured methodology for requirements definition, ranking of alternatives, selection and design. Once the solution is defined, we provide the project management to ensure successful implementation.