Feasibility Study

Feasibility study plays an important role while you are investing in any businesses. Make sure you know the potential risks and returns of the project before investing in any business project. The growth of the middle east region presents entrepreneurs and investors with a horizon of opportunities; however, settling on the business choices requires that these must be evaluated with a solid understanding of the macro and microenvironment.

Services provided under the feasibility studies and business strategies include:

  • Financial modeling
  • Income projections
  • Cost estimations
  • Financial statement projection
  • Return analysis
  • Financial statement analysis
  • Initial investment analysis
  • Valuations


Valuations are performed utilizing a broad database of transactional evidence and market information to give valuations to a variety of purposes:

  • Portfolio Valuation for corporate organizations, institutional property investors and companies.
  • International Valuations giving scope of all business and private properties over the MENA area.
  • Commercial Valuations for investment administration, bank loaning, transfer and divestment.
  • Residential Valuations for bank loaning and obtaining.
  • Corporate Valuations of proprietor possessed properties for resource improvement and financial statements.
  • Hotel and Hospitality Valuations evaluated as going concerns or as advancements for fund and acquisition purposes.